Outsourcing saves money in the metal industry

Deep drawing is today used in the production of many products, and great advantages can be obtained in outsourcing the process. CK Deep Drawing has a particularly high degree of automation and therefore the production is cost effective.


Tool can be customized

Many people do not know that new and existing tools can be rebuilt and used in CK Deep Drawings’ production. This means that the company can outsource the deep drawing process with great advantage. CK Deep Drawing is a specialist in deep drawing and we have a high-tech production. We can do several processes at the same time and reduce costs.


Material saving with deep drawing

Material saving can be made using a new type of material. A product produced in plastic can be produced in steel with the use of deep drawing. The process is much faster, the product is stronger and the economy is better.


Large in-house costs at the companies

A lot of companies do not consider outsourcing part of their production. It is allthough a good idea to evaluate the processes at least once a year, says Peter Møller from CK Deep Drawing: “The companies which are contacting us are surprised by the efficiency we can produce and how cost-effective the product becomes. It means a lot in terms of the customers competitiveness.”


CK Deep Drawing manage all the processes

CK Deep Drawing are able to manage all the processes throughout the production process – from consulting to determining the refinement process to delivery, and CK Deep Drawing are able to stock the products afterwards.

Deep drawing is found in products for the automotive industry, in lamps, floor heating plates, steel toilets, ventilation parts, pumps, agricultural machinery, etc.