CK Deep Drawing works with metalworking and shaping

Since 1910, we have built up experience in a value-creating collaboration with our customers.

Our knowledge – is your advantage

Since 1910, CK Deep Drawing has been a stable, reliable and quality-conscious partner for the Danish and foreign industry. Our machine park is extensive and has the latest robotic technology. We match the global market and provide a ‘state of the art’ performance in advanced sheet metal processing and finishing work.

Through a collaboration with us, you get competitive production, where savings are normal. Our production of products and sub-products for the industry is extensive and covers submersible pumps, ventilation parts, products for the train industry, agro products, engine components, kitchen utensils for commercial kitchens, window elements, floor heating plates, water filters, vacuum cleaner components, lamp fittings, pressure vessels and much, much more. Please contact us if you want us to assess your case. Contact us here.

Our main competences are deep drawing, punching, laser cutting, rolling and robotic welding, but we also carry out other tasks such as chip removal, tool construction, polishing and assembly. We create 3D simulations, which are an indispensable supplement to the extensive practical experience we have built up in the company over decades, and we offer storage agreements where you draw on your products when you need it.