CK Deep Drawing

110 years of experience in metalforming. We process and carry out special solutions within metal. High technology and high customer satisfaction.

More about our competences

Why choose CK Deep Drawing?

CK Deep Drawing is a modern company with 110 years of experience. We have the most robot-controlled production in metalforming in the market, and we can deliver economically advantageous solutions in a short time.

We operate in deep drawing, pressing, punching, laser cutting, rolling, robotic welding as our main areas and provide competent advice in all phases. We deliver both standard and specialized solutions completely according to your needs, and we can offer storage agreements where you can draw on your items whenever you want.

Our goal is that you optimize the value chain in your production and get high quality and good economy in every solution we develop together.

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CK Deep Drawing works with…
Optimizing your value chain

Over the past 110 years, we have built up vast experience in versatile and challenging metalworking tasks in an industry that requires great professional depth. We can improve the value chain in your company and often offer significant savings.

To be able to do that, we are constantly working to develop our skills, expand our robot-controlled production and improve our specialized software.

In addition to the professional competences, we attach great importance to good communication, which goes directly to the employee at us who works with your subjects. There are therefore no time-consuming intermediate processes falling between two chairs. We have very satisfied customers and long-term working relationships.

Meet an employee

We make
things easier

We think concretely and work from the intention of making things easier. We are happy to provide competent input for your presentation.

… and a little more

We produce products at a quality level that always meet the specified requirements and expectations – and preferably a little more.

We do
an extra effort

We are always looking for the perfect solution, no matter what it takes – and we are happy to take an extra step.

Teamwork with

When you enter into a project collaboration with CK Deep Drawing, you get a competent and professionally skilled partner with whom you can spar.