CK Deep Drawing – Large and modern machine park, ‘state of the art’ performance in advanced plate processing and finishing work. High degree of automation, high quality and fast delivery.

Solid and proven quality

Since 1910, CK Deep Drawing has been a stable, reliable and quality-conscious partner for the international and Danish industry. In 2004, we established ourselves in Vietnam, which is now part of the company. We work with metalworking, including deep drawing, pressing, punching, laser cutting, rolling and robot welding, as our main areas, and we have a large and modern machine park that provides a ‘state of the art’ performance in advanced sheet metal processing and finishing work.

We always see it as our responsibility that our customers get the most appropriate and innovative production. This is how we create progress, and we are very aware that it is never useful always to do as we usually does.

“Both our customers and suppliers are equal partners to us”  says director Peter Møller.

Brochure: CK Deep Drawing

Equality with commitment

Only with a well-functioning team things go together. That is why we work with equality and employee development. Our stable team works committed and solution-oriented in relation to the individual customer. All customers have a personal contact person who knows the individual products in detail.

Sustainability is important to us. We have a strong focus on the balance between sustainability and efficiency, and luckily the two things go together quite well when production is planned sensibly.

Our values

We work with great care, dedication and a constant willingness to learn to ensure our customers the best solutions. Least possible environmental impact and good cooperation is one of our cornerstones and a clear and competent dialogue between us and the customer throughout the entire process is important. We regard our customers and suppliers as partners, and we solve the tasks together.

We have always emphasized long-term relationships that are based on mutual trust and responsibility and have customers who have followed us for many years.