Quality assurance

Precision and thoughtfulness are essential values ​​for us when we provide advice, sparring and production capacity. Therefore, quality assurance is a natural part of our everyday life and our way of thinking.

A high professional quality level

CK Deep Drawing aims to appear as a trustworthy, honest and attractive business partner that produces and delivers products at a quality level that meets and gladly exceeds the customers’ requirements and expectations. Reliability, trustworthiness and responsibility are important benchmarks for us.

With our many years of experience and stable and competent staff, we can often add extra value to the customer’s product. If we consider that something can be done better – either in the choice of material, process or form, we are happy to deliver qualified amendment proposals. This will often result in both savings and a better product. It is a natural part of our sparring with the customer.

Our specialized 3D simulation tools are perfect for visualizing and testing the solutions, thereby ensuring that all requirements are met before development and production of the tool.

Ongoing control and verification of products during development and production is carried out, among other things on our 3D coordinate measuring machine from Wenzel.

We store and secure relevant control and test data according to customer requirements.

Quality management and control

We guarantee our customers a high and uniform quality and we are of course certified according to the DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, which gives our customers security for uniform and professional handling of the tasks every time.

The certificate can be viewed here: ISO 9001:2015 Certifikat (PDF)

If desired, we also handle and document activities and validation during development using PPAP, which is part of the international standard for quality management IATF 16949.

Quality assurance – CK Deep Drawing

110 years of experience in metalworking
Since 1910 CK Deep Drawing has been a stable, reliable and quality-conscious partner for Danish and foreign industry. Today, the machine park is large and modern and it matches the global market and provides a ‘state of the art’ performance in advanced plate processing and finishing work.