New coil plant offers great opportunities for customers

For the fully automatic press line with 4 presses and 5 robots, CK Deep Drawing has changes the coil line to a larger and better one. It is now possible to work in coils up to 8 tonnes, compared to the previous 5, and in thicknesses up to 6 mm. This means increased capacity and more options for customers.

Efficiency and flexibility

The press line produces many different products, and coil changes are faster at the new machine. This benefits the customers. At the same time, the machine has a larger uptime, a shorter downtime and less maintenance. Ergonomics for the operator is better, and the control with touch functions is user-friendly.

Director at CK Deep Drawing, Peter Møller, states: “We have the opportunity to win more orders because of the new coil system. It is processing a larger work area and is more efficient. We chose this particular machine because of the feeding system for the fully automatic coil line with 2 press lines and 4 robots. We installed this machine in 2019, and it is delivered from the same supplier. Therefore it works well together.”

The new coil system straighten from 0.7 to 6 mm steel in a width of 1,250 mm. The previous system only managed 3 mm. All setting ie. material thicknesses, width and height of the feeder, straightener and reel are fitted with servo motors. This means the machine is set automatically, and this makes the production efficient.

CK Deep Drawing as total supplier

CK Deep Drawing are able to manage the entire production process from advice to determining the refinement process and to delivery. Subsequently, CK Deep Drawing are able to stock the products allowing the customers to use them when they need them.