CK Deep Drawing makes climate accounting

CK Deep Drawing has worked together with Erhvervshus Midtjylland and the consulting company Viegand Maagøe on the preparation of a climate report. The accounts have been completed and show as one of the most important CK Deep Drawings’ CO2 emissions. In Scoop 1 and 2, CK Deep Drawing does well. Heat pumps have been installed, which means that electricity is now used for all production and consumption, a compressor has been purchased with far less energy consumption and all lighting has been replaced with LED lights with an automatic on/off function.

Scoop 3, which includes the purchase of steel, is currently unchanged. Fossil-free steel is starting to appear on the market, which CK Deep Drawing is ready to use if customers want it and want to pay for it.

Climate-ready production company

CK Deep Drawing has participated in “Climate-ready production company”, which is a new learning and advisory course that strengthens the growth and competitiveness of production companies through CO2 calculation, climate strategy and communication. The course is facilitated by Dansk Industri, Business Horsens, Horsens Municipality and Industriens fond, and means that CK Deep Drawing is ready for future climate requirements.