CK Deep Drawing has a new press line

CK Deep Drawing has invested in another press line. The new investment provides a 90% automated production.

CK Deep Drawing has a long-term plan to automate as close to 100 % as possible, and with the new press line we are following the plan.

Specially developed press line

The new press line has been specially developed to meet our requirements for flexibility and productivity. It is intended for all types of items in plate thicknesses at 1 to 8 mm. Large and small series can be produced at the new press line in an efficient manner. It offers quick tool changes and short downtimes as well as high output.

The line is coil-based, and it is possible to cut a plate in the desired size using rotary scissors – even as a trapezoid. After that, molding can be done in 2 pcs. 500 presses which for fast process management are fitted with 3 robots. The line’s two stacking stations are filled and emptied alternately to ensure continuous production. The entire process is carried out automatically – including the handling of the residual material that arises.